Hypnosis Louisville & Lexington, KY

Hypnosis for Freedom Programs:

All of these programs use 100% SAFE & EFFECTIVE Hypnotherapeutic techniques.  The American Medical Association has approved of the used of clinical hypnosis as a scientifically and clinically valid technique since 1958.  With our DEEP-WAKING SELF-HYPNOSIS, each person is in control at all times, but in an easy relaxed way.  Nothing happens against the individual's will or without her or his permission or consent.  These programs are a fun way of becoming deeply engaged in powerful mental/emotional methods that respect each individual's privacy completely while enabling each person to discover and utilize the amazing power of the subconscious mind to overcome subconscious restance to constructive positive change. 

FREEDOM from SMOKING--Stop the habit and BREAK the ADDICTION with scientific suggestions which wipe out the urge without symptom substitution or weight gain.


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