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Hypnosis for Freedom Programs:

All of these programs use 100% SAFE & EFFECTIVE Hypnotherapeutic techniques.  The American Medical Association has approved of the used of clinical hypnosis as a scientifically and clinically valid technique since 1958.  With our DEEP-WAKING SELF-HYPNOSIS, each person is in control at all times, but in an easy relaxed way.  Nothing happens against the individual's will or without her or his permission or consent.  These programs are a fun way of becoming deeply engaged in powerful mental/emotional methods that respect each individual's privacy completely while enabling each person to discover and utilize the amazing power of the subconscious mind to overcome subconscious restance to constructive positive change. 

FREEDOM from SMOKING--Stop the habit and BREAK the ADDICTION with scientific suggestions which wipe out the urge without symptom substitution or weight gain.

FREEDOM from WEIGHT--Get control of your appetite, and place your food intake under control of your body's health needs.  Say goodbye to food addictions forever

FREEDOM from STRESS beating you down.      Get control of your nerves automatically when the stress just won't let up.  Get relief from feelings of anxiety  before PANIC takes over or tension headaches or other somatic problems develop. 

PREVENT PANIC & other ANXIETY ATTACKS as well as AGORAPHOBIA. The factors that used to trigger panic or unreasonable anxiety can now, (through post-hypnotic suggestions), trigger deep relaxation & other positive resources. 

SEXUAL FUNCTIONING will improve through hypnotherapy for enhancement of desire, resolving premature ejaculation problems,eliminating impotency, and other sexual problems.  If you have a non-medical arousal or sexual performance problem, hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis training can be considered the first treatment of choice before medication. If you already are on medication and desire to function without it, hypnosis can help. 

PERFECTING ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE will occur through hypnosis by enhancing concentration, improving mental focus, eliminating distractions, and boosting self-confidence.  Pusue excellence in Golf, Tennis, Racquetball, Bowling, Football, Baseball, Baskeball, Track, Gymnastics, Wrestling, or any other sport.  Have more FUN excercising with LESS PAIN.  Discover the mental secrets of the professional athlete.

IMPROVE RECALL of MEMORIES: Hypnosis helps retrieve memories through spontaneous association of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic information, which is stored in different areas of the brain.  Hypnosis helps to make an emotional connection with these sensory based memories.  It is effective in aiding recall through "not trying" and "not thinking" much as you spontaneously recall a name or event, once you forget about trying to remember it. . 

Overcome POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER. This problem often stems from major accidents, combat, past sexual or physical abuse, as well as other traumas.  Hypnotherapy utilizes "Constructive Disassociation" to resolve these problems. Once you are in a trance, you access a deep relaxation response, as well as other positive resources.  Then you safely are empowered to run "movies of the mind" of the traumatic events WITHOUT AGAIN EXPERIENCING THE EMOTIONAL PAIN.  In this way, the painful memories lose their power to create pain.  You regain congtrol of your emotions as you work through the trauma. 

Work through DEPRESSION.  IMPROVE YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE & SELF-ESTEEM WITH hypnotherapy. Discover the thoughts, feelings, and actions that improve the quality of your life. How is failure beneficial? What underlies PROCRASTINATION? How can you become empowered so that you no longer let others make you feel bad or beat yourself up when you fall short of perfection or don't find acceptance from others?  Understand the power of the subconscious mind to boost self-esteem and self-confidence. 

CHILD of ALCOHOLIC issues often continue to contaminate a person's current emotional life.  The same "Constructive Disassociation" hypnotic techniques utilized for PTSD can help you more rapidly work through these issues as well, and achieve constructive emotional relearning. 

ALCOHOL & DRUG ADDICTS often relapse because of STRESS, ANXIETY or DEPRESSION.  Since hypnotherapy effectively deals with these factors, there is less risk of relapse.  Of course, if "alcoholic" or "addictive" thinking is a trigger for relapse, you can utilize hypnosis to help identify this thinking, even at a subconsious level, & REPROGRAM your mind with "clean and sober" thinking.

OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER (OCD) is driven by high anxiety.  Hypnotherapy greatly reduces the underlying anxiety, and therefore, the obsessions & compulsions that go along with it. What used to trigger obsessions and compulsions now can trigger deep relaxation & other positive resources. 

PAIN CONTROL can be achieved through hypnotherapy.  This has been a documented fact for well over 150 years.  A variety of self-hypnosis techniques are taught.  Post-Hypnotic Suggestions and Self-Hypnosis reinforce your ability to reduce and control chronic pain.

USE HYPNOSIS for IMPROVED SYMPTOM CONTROL as an adjunct to medical treatment of allergies, asthma, hypertension, fibromyalgia, tension and migraine headaches, indigestion/GERD from hiatus hernia, insomina, IBS, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, neuodermatitis, sleeping disorders, Tinitus, TMJ, and other problems.

FREEDOM from fear of flying, driving, bridges, heights, closed places, public speaking, and other phobias.  Hypnosis is very effective in resolving these problems because of classical conditioning which replaces fear & anxiety with an automatic deep relaxation response. 

FREEDOM from ADDICTIONS such as sexual, pornography, relationship, and the internet. Hypnosis identifies various needs which addictive behaviors only make worse.  Then, hypnotherapy helps the creative mind come up with effective and safe alternatives to meet those legitimate needs. 

BREAK BAD HABITS such as hair pulling, mouth chewing,nail biting, and skin picking.Hypnotherapy eliminates such habits just as it eliminates smoking or overeating. 

CONTROL ANGER & AGGRESSION.  Hypnotherapy identifies triggers and reprograms your subconscious mind to deal differently and creatively with the frustration that so often preceeds anger and aggression.  


















































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